Title Authors Date
  Currencies and trade: Looking at the recent literature Marc Auboin, Michele Ruta13/11/2011
  How reliable are de facto exchange rate regime classifications? Barry Eichengreen, Raul Razo-Garcia11/10/2011
  Currency wars: Lessons from the US experience: 1973-95 Michael Bordo, Owen F Humpage03/10/2011
  Reforming the International Monetary System By Emmanuel Farhi, Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Hélène Rey19/09/2011
  International Financial Crises and the Multilateral Response: What the Historical Record Shows Bergljot Barkbu, Barry Eichengreen, Ashoka Mody30/08/2011
  From lender of last resort to global currency? Sterling lessons for the US dollar Flandreau Marc, Ugolini Stefano 23/07/2011
  Correcting the Chinese Exchange Rate/Regimes Bergsten C. Fred 01/09/2010
  Understanding international bank capital flows during the recent financial crisis Glenn Hoggarth, Mahadeva Lavan, Martin Jeremy01/09/2010
  The impact of the global financial crisis on financial policyGrant Spencer01/09/2010
  The evolving renminbi regime and implications for Asian currency stability Ma Guonan, McCauley Robert N. 01/09/2010
   Lessons from the crisis for monetary policy and financial stability Qvigstad Jan F 01/09/2010
  An international financial architecture for the 21st century - some thoughts Landau Jean-Pierre01/09/2010
  Exchange Market Pressure and Absorption by International Reserves: Emerging Markets and Fear of Reserve Loss During the 2008-09 Crisis Aizenman Joshua, Hutchison Michael01/09/2010
  Macro-prudential lessons from the financial crises - a practitioner's view Nishimura Kiyohiko G 01/09/2010
  What has the financial crisis taught us? The global dimension and international policy cooperation Bini Smaghi Lorenzo01/09/2010
  Restoring faith in the international monetary system Carney Mark 01/09/2010
  Why don't Japanese exporters use the Yen? Ito Takatoshi, Koibuchi Satoshi, Sato Kiyotaka, Shimizu Junko 01/09/2010
  Turkey's Exchange Rate Puzzle Imamoglu Zümrüt01/09/2010
  Sustainable Real Exchange Rate/Regimes s in the New EU Member States: What did the Great Recession Change? Babecký Jan, Bulí Aleš, Šmídková Katerina 01/08/2010
  International Reserves and IMF Quotas: Is There A Link? Joseph P. Joyce, Razo-Garcia Raul01/08/2010
  The international monetary system - too big to fail Toukan Umayya01/08/2010
  Renminbi Undervaluation, China's Surplus, and the US Trade Deficit Cline William R.01/08/2010
  G20 roadmap - how finance can help rebalance the world economy Noyer Christian 01/07/2010
  The Impact of Capital and Foreign Exchange Flows on the Competitiveness of Developing Countries Bakardzhieva Damyana, Ben Naceur Sami, Kamar Bassem01/07/2010
  International cooperation and financial regulatory modernisation Tarullo Daniel K 01/07/2010
  Some longer-run consequences of the financial crisis Stevens Glenn 01/07/2010
  The Euro May Over the Next 15 Years Surpass the Dollar as Leading International Currency Chinn Menzie, Frankel Jeffrey A.01/07/2010
  The Evolution of International Monetary System and China's Choice in the Process of It's Diversification Xingyun Peng14/06/2010
  New Imbalances Will Threaten Global Recovery Bergsten C. Fred 01/06/2010
  What the Fed did and why Tracy Joseph S 01/06/2010
  Monetary policy transmission in a changing financial system - lessons from the recent past, thoughts about the future Bini Smaghi Lorenzo01/06/2010
  The role of regulators when markets fail Bini Smaghi Lorenzo01/06/2010
  The Fund's Mandate - The Future Financing Role: Reform Proposals Hagan Sean, Moghadam Reza, Tweedie Andrew 01/06/2010
  Vulnerability to External Financial Shocks: The Case of TurkeyHasan Ersel01/05/2010
  The financial crisis and sizable international reserves depletion: From ‘fear of floating’ to the ‘fear of losing international reserves’?Joshua Aizenman, Yi Sun01/05/2010
  The international monetary systemPhilipp M Hildebrand01/05/2010
  Should Larger Reserve Holdings be More Diversified?Roland Beck, Sebastian Weber01/05/2010
  Financial Regulation, Financial Globalization and the Synchronization of Business CyclesSebnem Kalemli-Özcan01/05/2010
  Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rate/RegimesWilliam R. Cline, John Williamson01/05/2010
  The global crisis and the future of the international monetary systemFabrizio Saccomanni01/04/2010
  Could monetary policy have helped prevent the financial crisis?Lorenzo Bini Smaghi01/04/2010
  China's Exchange Rate Policy and Trade ImbalancesNicholas R. Lardy01/04/2010
  RMB Internationalization and Its Implications for Financial and Monetary Cooperation in East AsiaYung Chul Park01/04/2010
  Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability   01/04/2010
  Reforming the International Monetary System –Japan's Perspective–Takehiko Nakao18/03/2010
  Correcting the Chinese Exchange Rate/Regimes : An Action PlanC. Fred Bergsten01/03/2010
Renminbi Policy and the Global Currency SystemHUANG Yiping01/03/2010
Beyond the Dollar: Rethinking the International Monetary SystemPaola Subacchi, John Driffill01/03/2010
  The Substitution Account as a First Step Toward Reform of the International Monetary SystemPeter B. Kenen01/03/2010
  Reforming the International Monetary System –Japan's Perspective–Takehiko Nakao01/03/2010
  Future development of global imbalancesZsolt Darvas, Jean Pisani-Ferry01/03/2010
  China vs. the Rest of the World?Arvind Subramanian01/02/2010
  Renminbi's Potential to Become a Global CurrencyFriedrich WU, Rongfang PAN, DI Wang01/02/2010
  Is China's Economy Overheating?Nicholas R. Lardy01/02/2010
  China's Lending Activities and the US DebtSimon Johnson01/02/2010
  The international monetary systemTarisa Watanagase01/02/2010
  The Ghost Of Bancor: The Economic Crisis And Global Monetary DisorderTommaso Padoa-Schioppa01/02/2010
  Towards A New Global Reserve System Bruce Greenwald, Joseph E. Stiglitz01/01/2010
  The Decline of Sterling: Managing the Retreat of an International Currency 1945-1992Catherine Ruth Schenk01/01/2010
  Report on the Future Global Reserve SystemDivers01/01/2010
  The International Monetary System and Global Imbalances Edwin M. Truman 01/01/2010
  Estimation of De Facto Flexibility Parameter and Basket Weights in Evolving Exchange Rate Regimes Jeffrey A. Frankel, Daniel Xie 01/01/2010
 FEERs Update: China's Persistently Undervalued Currency John Williamson01/01/2010
  Le dollar, le yuan et le système monétaire internationalMichel Aglietta01/01/2010
  A Growing US-China RiftNicholas R. Lardy01/01/2010
  Notes on Equilibrium Exchange Rates: January 2010William R. Cline, John Williamson01/01/2010
  The crisis : Policy lessons and policy challengesAgnès Bénassy-Quéré, Benoît Coeuré, Pierre Jacquet, Jean Pisani-Ferry01/12/2009
  Composition of international capital flows :, A surveyKoralai Kirabaeva, Assaf Razin01/12/2009
  Reform of the International Monetary System Based on Special Drawing Rights and its Implications for AsiaMotomichi Ikawa01/12/2009
  The Impact of Sub-prime Crisis to International Monetary SystemZHANG Ming01/12/2009
  An exorbitant privilege? Implications of reserve currencies for competitiveness 01/12/2009
  The Dollar and the Deficits: How Washington Can Prevent the Next CrisisC. Fred Bergsten01/11/2009
  The Debate on the International Monetary SystemIsabelle Mateos y Lago, Rupa Duttagupta, Rishi Goyal01/11/2009
  Toward a new International Monetary SystemMichel Camdessus01/11/2009
  A Modest Proposal for International Monetary ReformBruce Greenwald, Joseph E. Stiglitz01/10/2009
The case for regular SDR issues: Fixing inconsistency in balance-of-payments targetsJohn Williamson01/10/2009
  Managed Floats to Damp Shocks like 1982-5 and 2006-9: Field and Laboratory Evidence for Chinese Interest in a Single World CurrencyRobin Pope, Reinhard Selten01/10/2009
  The Dollar DilemmaBarry Eichengreen01/09/2009
  The financial crisis, global imbalances and the international monetary systemDavid Vines01/09/2009
  A Return to the 1980s in Private Capital FlowsGuven Sak01/09/2009
  From 'Washington Consensus' to 'Istanbul Decisions': Where do we go?Gûven SAK et Esen Caglar01/09/2009
  Why SDRs Could Rival the DollarJohn Williamson01/09/2009
  The Future of the DollarRichard N. Cooper01/09/2009
  America Cannot Resolve Global Imbalances on Its OwnC. Fred Bergsten, Arvind Subramanian01/08/2009
  Euro at Ten: The Next Global Currency?Jean Pisani-Ferry, Adam S. Posen01/07/2009
  The future of China's Exchange Rate/Regimes policyMorris Goldstein, Nicholas R. Lardy01/07/2009
  An International Monetary Fund Currency to Rival the Dollar? Why Special Drawing Rights Can't Play That RoleSwaminathan S., Anklesaria Aiyar01/07/2009
  Understanding Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)John Williamson01/06/2009
  What explains global Exchange Rate/Regimes movements during the financial crisis?Marcel Fratzscher01/06/2009
  Commercialise the SDR nowBarry Eichengreen01/05/2009
  Out of the Box Thoughts about the International Financial ArchitectureBarry Eichengreen01/05/2009
  The evolving international monetary systemJane D'Arista01/05/2009
  Towards the G8 - strategies for emerging from the crisisLorenzo Bini Smaghi01/05/2009
  Long-Term International Economic Position of the United StatesC. Fred Bergsten01/04/2009
  Conflicts of Interest and the Financial CrisisLorenzo Bini Smaghi01/04/2009
  The GCC Monetary Union: Choice of Exchange Rate RegimeMohsin S. Khan01/04/2009
  Exchange Rate/Regimes volatility and productivity growth: The role of financial developmentPhilippe Aghion, Philippe Bacchetta, Romain Rancière, Kenneth Rogoff01/04/2009
  Transnational governance in global finance : The principles for stable capital flows and fair debt restructuring in emerging marketsRaymond Ritter01/04/2009
  Is China Having It Both Ways?Arvind Subramanian01/03/2009
  Lender of last resort: Put it on the agenda!Guillermo Calvo01/03/2009
  Financial Instability, Reserves, and Central Bank Swap Lines in the Panic of 2008Maurice Obstfeld, Jay C. Shambaugh, Alan M. Taylor01/03/2009
  Reform the international monetary systemZhou Xiaochuan01/03/2009
  Is China a Currency "Manipulator"?Morris Goldstein01/01/2009
  Global imbalances: Past, Present and FutureOlivier Blanchard, Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti01/01/2009
  Resurrecting Keynes to Stabilize the International Monetary SystemPietro Alessandrini, Michele Fratianni01/01/2009
  The Commission of Experts of the President of the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System01/01/2009
  Impact of the US Financial Crisis on GCC CountriesEckart Woertz01/10/2008
  How China Could Contribute to a Benign Global Rebalancing ?Pingfan HONG, Rob VOS,Keping YAO01/10/2008
  China's Rise: Challenges and Opportunities (hardcover)C. Fred Bergsten, Charles Freeman, Nicholas R. Lardy, Derek J. Mitchell01/09/2008
  Financial Stability, the Trilemma, and International Reserves Maurice Obstfeld, Jay C. Shambaugh, Alan M. Taylor01/08/2008
  Optimal reserve composition in the presence of sudden stops - the euro and the dollar as safe haven currencies Roland Beck, Ebrahim Rahbari01/07/2008
  China's Currency Needs to Rise FurtherMorris Goldstein, Nicholas R. Lardy01/07/2008
  A Modest Proposal for International Monetary ReformBruce Greenwald, Joseph Stiglitz01/06/2008
  Accountability and Oversight of US Exchange Rate/Regimes PolicyC. Randall Henning01/06/2008
  Is EMU a viable model for monetary integration in the Arabian Gulf?Emilie Rutledge01/06/2008
  The IMF as a reserve managerMichael Bordo, Harold James01/06/2008
  Global Imbalances: Globalization, Demography, and SustainabilityRichard N. Cooper01/06/2008
  Debating China's Exchange Rate/Regimes PolicyMorris Goldstein, Nicholas R. Lardy01/04/2008
  The impact of foreign interest rates on the economy: The role of the Exchange Rate/RegimesJulian di Giovannia, Jay C. Shambaughb01/03/2008
  The sustainability of China's exchange rate policy and capital account liberalisationLorenzo Cappiello, Gianluigi Ferrucci01/03/2008
  The impact of capital flows on domestic investment in transition economiesElitza Mileva01/02/2008
  The Optimal Level of International Reserves For Emerging Market Countries: A New Formula and Some ApplicationsOlivier Jeanne, Romain Rancière 01/02/2008
  Currency Undervaluation and Sovereign Wealth Funds: A New Role for the World Trade OrganizationAaditya Mattoo, Arvind Subramanian01/01/2008
   Globalizing Capital: A History of the International Monetary SystemBarry Eichengreen01/01/2008
  Globalization and the Sustainability of Large Current Account Imbalances: Size MattersJoshua Aizenman, Yi Sun01/01/2008
  Resurrecting Keynes to Revamp the International Monetary SystemPietro Alessandrini, Michele Fratianni01/01/2008
  Objections Do Not Invalidate Substitution Account BenefitsC. Fred Bergsten01/12/2007
  How to Solve the Problem of the DollarC. Fred Bergsten01/12/2007
  Disentangling from Sterling: Malaysia and the end of the Bretton Woods system 1965-72Catherine Ruth Schenk01/12/2007
  Exchange Rate Determination: A Model of the Decisive Role of Central Bank Cooperation and ConflictRobin Pope, Reinhard Selten, Sebastian Kube, Jürgen von Hagen01/12/2007
  Monetary and Financial Cooperation among Central Banks in East Asia and the PacificHans GENBERG, DONG He14/11/2007
  The Case for Exchange Rate/Regimes flexibility in Oil-Exporting EconomiesBrad Setser01/11/2007
  Global Imbalances: Recent Developments and ProspectsBen S. Bernanke01/09/2007
  Trade and capital flows : A financial frictions perspectivePol Antras, R. Caballero01/07/2007
  The inescapable trilemma of the world economyDan Rodrik01/06/2007
  Currency Misalignments and the US EconomyC. Fred Bergsten01/05/2007
  The Dollar and the RenminbiC. Fred Bergsten01/05/2007
  A stable international monetary system emerges: Inflation targeting is Bretton Woods, reversedAndrew K. Rose01/04/2007
   International Reserves: Precautionary Versus Mercantilist Views, Theory and EvidenceJoshua Aizenman, Jaewoo Lee01/04/2007
  Global Imbalances: Time for ActionAlan Ahearne, William R. Cline, Kyung Tae Lee, Yung Chul Park, Jean Pisani-Ferry, John Williamson01/03/2007
  The Yen Beckons China's DollarsC. Fred Bergsten01/03/2007
  The Chinese Exchange Rate/Regimes and the US EconomyC. Fred Bergsten01/01/2007
  International Reserves in Emerging Market Countries: Too Much of a Good Thing?Olivier Jeanne01/01/2007
  Asian Currency Crisis and the International Monetary Fund, 10 Years Later: OverviewTakatoshi ITO01/01/2007
  Global Imbalances and the US Debt Problem: Should Developing Countries Support the US Dollar?divers (dont FAN Gang)01/12/2006
  The social cost of foreign exchange reservesDani Rodrik01/11/2006
China: Toward a Consumption-Driven Growth PathNicholas R. Lardy01/10/2006
  The Optimal Level of International Reserves for Emerging Market Countries: Formulas and ApplicationsOlivier Jeanne, Romain Rancière01/10/2006
  The international monetary system in the last and next 20 yearsBarry Eichengreen, Raul Razo-Garcia01/07/2006
  Choosing (and reneging on) exhange rate regimesAlberto Alesina, Alexander F.Wagner01/06/2006
  Clash of the TitansC. Fred Bergsten01/04/2006
  Experimental Evidence on the Benefits of Eliminating Exchange Rate Uncertainties and Why Expected Utility Theory causes Economists to Miss ThemRobin Pope, Reinhard Selten, Sebastian Kube, Jürgen von Hagen01/03/2006
  The Role of IMF Support in Crisis PreventionUma Ramakrishnan, Juan Zalduendo01/03/2006
  The Evolution of the International Monetary System: An Analysis from the Resource Flow PerspectiveZHANG Ming, QIN Donghai01/12/2005
  Observations on the Reform of the Breton Woods InstitutionsZOU Jiayi01/10/2005
  International Capital Flows, Returns and World Financial IntegrationMartin Evans, Viktoria Hnatkovska01/09/2005
  A Currency Basket for East Asia, Not Just ChinaJohn Williamson01/08/2005
  Will the Euro eventually surpass the Dollar as leading international reserve currency?Menzie Chinn, Jeffrey A. Frankel01/06/2005
  When the Dollar Bill Comes DueCatherine L. Mann, Katharina Plück01/04/2005
  Capital flows and the US New economy : Consumption smoothing and risk exposure Marcus Miller, Olli Castrén, Lei Zhang01/03/2005
  Growing Up with capital flowsAshoka Mody, Antu Panini Murshid01/01/2005
  Economic Globalization and New Triffin ParadoxCHEN Zhi-ang01/01/2005
  Exchange rates under the East Asian dollar standard: Living with conflicted virtueRonald I. McKinnon01/01/2005
  Regionalization of the RMB and China's Capital Account LiberalizationLI Jing01/12/2004
  Dollar Adjustment: How Far? Against What?C. Fred Bergsten, John Williamson01/11/2004
  Adjusting China's Exchange Rate/Regimes policiesMorris Goldstein01/05/2004
  International Liquidity and the Role of the SDR in the International Monetary SystemPeter B. Clark, Jacques J. Polak01/04/2004
   The modern history of Exchange Rate/Regimes arrangements: A reinterpretationCarmen M Reinhart, Kenneth S Rogoff01/02/2004
Capital flows and crisisBarry Eichengreen01/01/2004
  The Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes in Developing Countries: A Mulitnominal Panal AnalysisJürgen von Hagen, Jizhong Zhou01/01/2004
  The International Monetary System and the Case for a World CurrencyRobert A. Mundell01/10/2003
  A Modest Proposal for China's RenminbiMorris Goldstein, Nicholas R. Lardy01/08/2003
  On the Identification of De Facto Currency PegsAgnès Bénassy-Quéré Benoît Coeuré, 01/02/2003
  Dollar Overvaluation and the World EconomyC. Fred Bergsten, John Williamson01/02/2003
  Capital account liberalization, free long-term capital flows, financial crises and economic developmentAjit Singh01/12/2002
  Why White not Keynes? Inventing the postwar international monetary systemJames M. Boughton01/03/2002
  After the crisis the East Asian dollar standard resurrected: An interpretation of high-frequency exchange rate peggingRonald I. McKinnon01/01/2002
  Verifying Exchange Rate RegimesJeffrey A. Frankel, Eduardo Fajnzylber, Sergio L. Schmukler, Luis Servén01/12/2001
  The endogeneity of the optimum currency area criteriaJeffrey A. Frankel, Andrew K. Rose01/12/2001
  When does capital account liberalization help more than it hurts?Carlos Arteta, Barry Eichengreen, Charles Wyplosz01/08/2001
  On East Asian Monetary CooperationYU Yongding01/08/2001
  The international lender of last resort: How large is large enough?Olivier Jeanne, Charles Wyplosz01/07/2001
  The role of the exchange rate in monetary-policy rulesJohn B. Taylor01/05/2001
  DollarizationAlberto Alesina, Robert J. Barro01/01/2001
  Debt vs. FDI: The impact of the sovereign risk on the structure of international capital flowsMonika Schnitzer01/10/2000
  The case for hard pegs in t-he brave new world of global financeGuillermo Calvo01/06/2000
  Proposal for a Common Currency among Rich DemocraciesRichard N. Cooper01/01/2000
  The international monetary system: The missing factorRobert A. Mundell01/12/1999
  Is the U.S. Trade Deficit Sustainable?Catherine L. Mann01/09/1999
  Exchange Rate ChoicesRichard N. Cooper01/06/1999
  Exchange Rate/Regimes and Financial FragilityBarry Eichengreen, Ricardo Hausmann01/01/1999
After the great asian slump : Towards a coherent approcach to global capital flowsHelmut Reisen01/01/1999
  No single currency regime is right for all countries or at all timesJeffrey A. Frankel01/01/1999
  Exchange Rate Management in Developing AsiaKenichi Ohno01/01/1999
  Le prêteur international en dernier ressortMichel Aglietta, Christian de Boissieu01/01/1999
  Theories and Empirical Studies of International InstitutionsLisa L. Martin, Beth A. Simmons01/09/1998
  What to do with the Stability PactBarry Eichengreen01/04/1998
  The Rise and Fall of a Barbarous Relic: The Role of Gold in the International Monetary SYstemMichael D. Bordo, Barry Eichengreen01/03/1998
  What the euro means for the dollar and the international Monetary systemRobert A. Mundell01/03/1998
  The International Monetary System in the 21st Century: Could Gold Make a Comeback?Robert A. Mundell01/03/1997
  On the SDR: Reserve Currencies and the Future of the International Monetary SystemBarry J. Eichengreen Jeffrey A.Frankel 01/06/1996
  Recent exchange-rate experience and proposals for reformJeffrey A. Frankel01/01/1996
  Britain and the sterling area: from devaluation to convertibility in the 1950sCatherine Ruth Schenk01/01/1994
  The Role of International Organizations in the Bretton Woods SystemKathryn M.E. Dominguez01/01/1993
  Yen Bloc or Dollar Bloc: Exchange Rate Policies of the East Asian EconomiesJeffrey A. Frankel, Shang-Jin Wei01/12/1992
  The Bretton Woods International Monetary System: An Historical OverviewMichael D. Bordo01/03/1992
  Trends and cycles in foreign lendingBarry Eichengreen01/08/1990
  Hegemonic Stability Theories of the International Monetary SystemBarry Eichengreen01/09/1989
  International Capital Flows and Domestic Economic PoliciesJeffrey A. Frankel01/09/1988
  International Capital MovementsCharles Kindleberger01/01/1988
  Exchange Rate/Regimes and PricesRudiger Dornbusch01/03/1987
  International public goods without international governmentCharles Kindleberger01/01/1986
  The world in depression 1929-1939Charles Kindleberger01/01/1986
  The gold standard in theory and historyBarry J. Eichengreen, Marc Flandreau01/01/1985
  La notion de monnaie internationale et les problèmes monétaires européens dans une perspective historiqueMichel Aglietta 01/01/1979
  A porposal for International monetary reformJames Tobin01/10/1978
  Optimum currency areasRonald I. McKinnon01/01/1963
  A Theory of Optimum Currency AreasRobert A. Mundell01/09/1961
  On the macroeconomics of asset shortageCaballero Ricardo01/12/2006
  Financial crash, commodity prices, and global imbalancesCaballero Ricardo, Farhi Emmanuel, Gourinchas Pierre-Olivier01/12/2008
  An Equilibrium Model of Global Imbalances and Low Interest RatesCaballero Ricardo, Farhi Emmanuel, Gourinchas Pierre-Olivier01/03/2008
  Global imbalances and financial fragilityCaballero Ricardo, Krishnamurthy Arvind01/01/2009
  A carricature model of the world economyCaballero Ricardo27/10/2010
  Crisis and Reform: Managing Systemic RiskCaballero Ricardo31/03/2010
  The 'Surprising' Origin and Nature of Financial Crises: A Macroecoomics Policy ProposalCaballero Ricardo, Kurlat Pablo14/09/2009
  Hedging sudden stops and precautionary contractionsCaballero Ricardo, Panageas Stavros01/02/2008
  Fetters of gold and paperEichengreen Barry, Temin Peter01/07/2010
  Should there be a coordinated response to the problem of global imbalances? Can there be one?Eichengreen Barry01/09/2008
  Global imbalandes and the lessons from Betton WoodsEichengreen Barry01/05/2004
  Expanding Gross Asset Positions and the international monetary systemObstfeld Maurice01/08/2010
  Global imbalances and the financial crisis: products of common causesObstfeld Maurice, Rogoff Kenneth01/08/2010
  Lenders of Last Resort in a Globalized WorldObstfeld Maurice01/11/2009
  Global Current Account Imbalances and Exchange Rate AdjustmentsObstfeld Maurice, Rogoff Kenneth01/05/2005
  The Trilemma in History: Tradeoffs among exchange rates, monetary policies, , and capital mobilityObstfeld Maurice, Shambaugh Jay, Taylor Alan01/03/2004
  Global Implications of Self-Oriented National Monetary RulesObstfeld Maurice, Rogoff Kenneth01/06/2001
  Monetary policy in the open economy revisited: the case for exchange-rate flexibility restoredDuarte Margarida, Obstfeld Maurice01/02/2007
  Sense, Nonsense, and International Monetary ReformEichengreen Barry08/11/2010
  The International Financial Architecture and the Role of Regional FundsEichengreen Barry01/08/2010
  Le retour des controverses monétaires internationales Bénassy-Quéré Agnès09/09/2010
  Valuation Effects and the Dynamics of Net External AssetsDevereux Michael, Sutherland Alan01/01/2010
  A portfolio model of capital flows to emerging marketsDevereux Michael, Sutherland Alan01/07/2009
  Exorbitant Privilege: The Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System Eichengreen Barry Julian01/10/2010
  Out of the Box Thoughts about the International Financial ArchitectureEichengreen Barry Julian01/05/2009
  The International Monetary System in the (Very) Long RunEichengreen Barry Julian, Sussman Nathan01/05/2000
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  One Cost of the Chilean Capital Controls: Increased Financial Constraints for Smaller Traded FirmsForbes Kristin J. 07/01/2004
  Global Transmission of Interest Rates: Monetary Independence and Currency RegimeFrankel Jeffrey, Schmukler Sergio, Serven Luis01/09/2004
  An Estimate Of The Effect Of Common Currencies On Trade And IncomeFrankel Jeffrey, Rose Andrew01/05/2002
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  International Integration of Financial Markets and the Cost of CapitalFukao Mitsuhiro01/01/1993
  Central Banks and the Financial SystemGiavazzi Francesco, Giovannini Alberto01/07/2010
  The U.S. Current Account and the DollarGiavazzi Francesco, Blanchard Olivier, Sa Filipa14/05/2005
  A (Lack of) Progress Report on China's Exchange Rate PoliciesGoldstein Morris01/07/2007
  Finanzkrise und Reformbedarf [The Financial Crisis and Regulatory Reform] Hellwig Martin01/05/2010
  Monetary Policy and Financial Stability: Is Inflation Targeting Passe?Ito Takatoshi01/01/2010
  Lessons from the Financial Crisis for Risk ManagementKashyap Anil27/02/2010
  Reforming the Global Reserve Regime: The Role of a Substitution AccountKenen Peter01/03/2010
  Stabilizing the international monetary systemKenen Peter01/06/2005
  The Cross-Country Incidence of the Global Crisis Lane Philip, Milesi-Ferretti Gian Maria01/07/2010
  Cross-Border Investment in Small International Financial Centers Lane Philip, Milesi-Ferretti Gian Maria01/02/2010
  Global Imbalances: Time for ActionPisani-Ferry Jean, Ahearne Alan, Cline Bill, Kyung Yung Chul Park01/03/2007
  Costs and benefits of running an international currencyPortes Richard, Papaioannou Elias01/11/2008
  Towards a Lender of First ResortPortes Richard, Cohen Daniel01/03/2006
  Beyond Biploar: A Three-Dimensional Assessment of Monetary FrameworksPosen Adam, Kuttner Kenneth01/10/2001
  Inflation, Monetary Transparency, and G3 Exchange Rate VolatilityPosen Adam, Kuttner Kenneth01/07/2000
  A Pragmatic Approach to Capital Account LiberalizationRajan Raghuram, Prasad Eswar01/01/2008
   Foreign Capital and Economic GrowthRajan Raghuram, Prasad Eswar, Subramanian Arvind01/01/2007
  Exorbitant Priviledge and Exorbitant DutyRey Helene, Gourinchas Pierre-Olivier, Govillot Nicolas01/08/2010
  From World Banker To World Venture Capitalist: US External Adjustment and the Exorbitant PriviledgeRey Helene, Gourinchas Pierre-Olivier01/08/2005
  A Welfare Analysis of Capital Account Liberalizationvon Hagen Jürgen, Zhang Haiping01/08/2008
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